Brompton Repair Workshop

Brompton Repair and Maintenance Class

There is nothing like riding your Brompton bike in top condition. Ideally, it keeps on going, going, going with silent wheels, seamless gear shifts and a smooth-running chain. Yet it takes not only love but also maintenance to keep your bike in top condition. That’s why we set up our Brompton repair and maintenance classes. Book one of our group sessions and our mechanic, Ansgar, will give you all skills to carry out basic maintenance and repairs. You will prolong your Brompton’s life. In our monthly sessions we will cover:

How to do a pre-ride safety check

How to change a tyre and inner-tube

Brake adjustment

Q&A with the trainer

* Please note that all of the above will be carried out on one of our demonstration bikes.

Book a Maintenance Class

Date: Friday night, once a month
Please check for upcoming dates – EVENT Calendar