Insuring Your Brompton Folding Bike

Around 335,000 bicycles have been registered as being stolen by German police in the past year with the estimated number of unrecorded cases considered much higher. It is highly recommended to insure your bike, especially if it is a high quality model. When you buy a new bike you want to be on the safe side and have it insured in case it gets stolen. We cooperate with the Dutch insurance company ENRA. They have specialised in insuring bicycles throughout Europe for more than 25 years and pride themselves in having more than 1 million satisfied customers. This insurer is known for its easy and unbureaucratic processing of insurance claims in the case of loss or damage of your bicycle.
You can choose from three different types of insurance:

Protection against theft: meeting the costs in case of theft of bicycle, bicycle parts and vandalism

Protection against repairs: meeting the costs for any repairs caused especially by accidents, vandalism, negligence, abnormal handling, force majeure, water, wear and tear (7 months after concluding the insurance treaty), ageing, faulty design and material faults

All-round insurance package: meeting the costs for everything mentioned above
Get a quote and sign up for one of the three insurance policies at our store.